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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Thanks korang

So, another year older. Maybe I'll be more wiser? hehehe.

Would like to thanks my friends here in Lancaster for fulfilling my annual wish. Each year, on my birthday, I always wish to celebrate it with my friends, to have them 'surprised' me with birthday song and a cake. And this year, my wish came true. =)
Thanks korang, i'm so happy =D.

Thanks for the gifts too, love them all. U guys the best!!

Thanks for each card and e-card I received too. Thank you.

p/s: Hope u guys like the food.. hehehe.

Posted at 09:16 pm by AiSkR|m

Aan Andes
July 11, 2006   10:31 AM PDT

Sowie lambat wishhhh..

So bz la sayang..and terlupa :P

Happy Birthday! May all ur dreams come true. Tak sabar nak jumpa kau kt Msia. Muahhhhsss
July 9, 2006   10:30 PM PDT
Terima kasih Khadijah. Happy belated Birthday dekat awak juga.

Ril, thanks for all the wishes. =)
July 5, 2006   02:00 AM PDT
happy belated birthday, fiena.
ril doakan yang terbaik untuk fiena.. hehe. semoga segala impian jadi kenyataan, dengan izinNya insya allah. :)

be good and be happy!

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