Entry: 23yrs old Alia Friday, June 30, 2006

It was my friend birthday yesterday.

Aliaa, Happy 23rd Birthday. I think she did have a splendid day yesterday. With the festival and live band at night, diorg mmg celebrate bday ko ah tuh.. hehehehe. Apesal x g join? =P

Wishing u the best in the future. Hoping u will get less headache in the future =P, and may u find 'the man'.

The man: - reliable, caring, 'like dark' :P, able to tolerate.. bla bla bla. (Ko tak kasi exact words aaa)

She's still single.. hehehe. Just click the 'contact me' button at the bottom left of my blog if u wanna know her.

Finally, May Allah bless you. And may future memories be more pleasant than today. :)


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