Entry: Farewell Monday, July 17, 2006

This might be my final entry here. Now that my university life is over, I want to close this blog too. Don't feel like writing anymore.

Looking back, when I first arrived in Lancaster, I didn't really have any expectation on how my life here would be like. I got a shock at first, cos it is so 'kampung', you can even cover the whole town for an hour, yeah, it's that small. But as I went to other universities, other cities, I'm glad I chose Lancaster. It fit me :).

I'm gonna miss my evening walk. Looking at those sheeps and beautiful hills that surrounds this whole town. Those pretty country houses, which made my heart leap with joy and longing, wanting to live there. I'm gonna miss it lots.

Of all my 3 years here, I think this year is the best. Lots of thing happen, testing my heart, my mind, my EQ and IQ. These things happen for many reason and frankly, I feel grateful it happen, because I learn a lot from it. I learn what to do, what I'm not supposed to do bla bla bla. :P

It's not just leaving this uni and town that made me feel sad. It's much sadder when I thought abt my friends here. There won't be anymore call asking "What are u doing? I'm bored, can I go to your room?" and that usually end up with more friends coming and without realising, hours passes. Since my room always be 'the port', I'm not sure I can get use to  the silence. 

Dear friends,
Thank you, thank you , thank you. For being there, when I cried and when I laughed.

For all those bitter moments, I'm sorry if I did hurt you, u know, without realising, we tend to hurt people we love the most. Again, I'm sorry.

For all the sweet moments, I'm grateful to be part of that memories.

I hope this friendship will lasts. I hope we can still keep in touch with each other.  I  hope we can gather again, and yes, u guys r still welcome to my room in Msia.. hehe.

I'm glad I found all of u. Thank you.

Ahh.. also a deep thanks and apologies for my 'kakak-kakak' here. U made my life here much easier and fun. Thank you so much.

If only all these 'thank you' can show how grateful and thankful I am, for being here, knowing all of you.

Terima kasih.

 Lonsdale College, Lancaster.


July 23, 2015   06:12 PM PDT
Girl... I miss your writing... 23/7/2015
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January 26, 2012   09:40 AM PST
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September 27, 2006   01:23 PM PDT
I'm writing somewhere else now.
September 26, 2006   06:15 AM PDT
adakah blog ni sudah terkubur? lamanya dia tak update kan!..hehe..meh la update!
July 21, 2006   08:03 AM PDT
knpa mesti mau tutup?citer belum habis...
Aan Andes
July 21, 2006   04:15 AM PDT
Fiena.. Takkan nak tutup blog? I feel like closing myself though. But you...ahhh..takyah la tutup =(

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